Which Summer Camp Program is Right for Us?

There are so many options for summer fun! Troop camp, family camp, overnight camp and day camp are all fun ways to grow over the summer. Girl Scout camp provides all of the benefits of experiencing the outdoors, in an all-girl environment. Girls develop confidence as they spend time away from home and have new adventures. Spending time in nature has been linked with better mental, emotional, and physical health (see our blog post about it!). Camp is an opportunity to unplug and create lifelong friendships. We want every girl to experience the benefits of Girl Scout Camp and that’s why we are so excited to offer you so many different ways to go to camp.


With all these options, it can be difficult to decide which type of camp is right for you and your daughter. Progression (building up to larger adventures) is an important part of the Girl Scouts program that allows girls to take a step outside their comfort zone and grow one step at a time. Camp is a safe place for girls to gain confidence and independence as they try new activities and meet new people.


An important part of picking the right type of camp is talking with your daughter about what she wants to do and what she feels ready for. By involving her in the process, she can take ownership of her camp experience and be prepared to try something new.


Summer Day Camp is a great choice for many first time campers. It is a great alternative to summer daycare since it runs the entire time that school is out and has convenient drop-off and pick-up times. Girls make new friends, gain independence as they start to spend time away from home, and grow in leadership as they participate in girl-led activities.


Family Camps are a fantastic way for beginner campers to try an overnight. Girls attend camp with a parent or other special adult to help them feel more comfortable in the new environment. There are one or two night options available and it gives everyone a chance to get to know camp before a girl tries an overnight by herself. Check out our online camp registration for more information and upcoming family camp events.


Summer Camp for Troops keeps the fun of Girl Scouts going all year-round and keeps the girls engaged. We have two camps devoted just to troops in the summer, Camp O’ the Hills and Camp Oak Hills. This option allows girls to attend camp with the comfort of people they know.


Summer Overnight Camp is just what it sounds like; girls stay overnight with a friend or on their own to have an amazing growth experience, meet new and old friends, and have the time of their lives with trained counselors guiding them every step of the way. Overnight Camp is girl-led. Girls spend part of their first day working with their group to help create their weekly schedule, and help to make group decisions during their entire stay. There is also progression within Overnight Camp with 3, 4, 6, and 10 day options.


Whichever camp you choose, we know you’ll have fun. We have lots of exciting and educational activity options at every camp. Our trained and experienced staff are ready to guide campers as they try a new type of camp or activity. See you at camp!