Volunteer Day Camps

Volunteer day camps with the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan offer even more options for summer fun!  These day camps are organized and run by amazing Girl Scout volunteers, and allow girls to experience camp, make new friends, and experience new adventures.  Take part in Survival Games, learn more about Girl Scout traditions, head out on a safari or find out how to harvest honey, and even earn Girl Scout Badges! 


Four-day camp sessions are held at different dates throughout the summer months (see information packets below for more details and registration).  Some volunteer day camps also have options for young children (and boys) of volunteers who want to help out.

Information Packets/Registration

Sunny Woods Day Camp (Owosso, MI)

AIO Day Camp (Standish, MI)

Juliette's Dream Day Camp (Leslie, MI)

Midland Volunteer Day Camp (Sanford, MI)