Fuel Up For Camp Adventures!

From a delicious and filling breakfast, to a satisfying dinner, we know that food is a crucial part of staying happy, healthy, and ready to take on new adventures at camp!  Our trained cooks, and a variety of food options (including meals in dining halls, and girl-led cookouts at campsites and lodges) ensure that everyone is full of food and great camp experiences.  

Experienced, Trained Cooks

Not only do the cooks know how to prepare well balanced, healthy meals - they prepare meals that kids want to eat!  Our lead cook has more than 20 years of catering experience and has put together an excellent meal menu for your camper!


Still not quite sure? Give us a try the next time you make a reservation


Like cooking outside?  Awesome!  Let us do the shopping for you by selecting "Cookout the Easy Way" when you make a reservation.

Allergies and Other Dietary Considerations

We strive to make camp a wonderful experience for every girl, and that includes dining and food. With allergies and other dietary restrictions, we know that communication is key! We ask about allergies and dietary restrictions on our health forms, so we can be informed (and take the necessary steps in food prepartion and planning) before your daughter arrives at camp. Your girl's dietary needs are communicated to our cooks, and her counselor, so we can make sure there are meal options for every girl, both in the dining hall and at cook-outs. If you have questions or concerns about the food at camp, please be sure to call or email us.