Donations, Bake Off and Sending Girls to Camp

We want every girl to have a great time at camp, and we mean EVERY girl!  It is an unfortunate reality that many kids don't have access to the amazing benefits of the great outdoors and green spaces in their daily lives.  As we have discussed previously, Girl Scout camps help to fill this void, with a host of amazing benefits (from leadership skills to stress reduction) that come from a session at one of our camps.  However, not every family can afford to send their daughter(s) to a week-long overnight camp from which these benefits can be harvested. 


We realize that the cost of camp is important, and we strive to keep costs down as much as possible, though even this can sometimes be too much.  In these cases, we have ways of helping to cover and/or subsidize the costs of attending a Girl Scout camp.  From financial assistance (which can be applied for here), to camp scholarships and outreach programs, with these programs in place, we can help as many girls as possible to have incredible camp experiences.  


If our non-profit organization had unlimited dollars to spend, we would spend it all on these experiences for girls (that's what we do) to ensure that every single girl could be involved with scouting and camp.  As it stands, we don't have unlimited funds (though our dream of a money tree could come true someday, you never know!).  Instead, we rely on the generosity of our amazing donors to expand and further develop our efforts in communities across the state of Michigan.  


Every day, our Fund Development Team is hard at work developing community relationships and raising money/supplies to use for giving girls these experiences.  We also hold special events, like our annual Girl Scout Cookie Bake-off or Jackson BBQ (the season is still young, check out upcoming events here) which allow members of the community to directly contribute to our outreach programs and other efforts that help girls into the outdoors.  At a live auction during the Kalamazoo Bake-off this year, we had dozens of donors give money to help send girls to camp, because they know the benefits of camp and the value of giving this experience to as many girls as possible.


We send out our appreciation to donors on a regular basis, but we wanted to take this chance to do it once again!  Without support from people like you, we wouldn't be able to help girls get to camp, experience Girl Scouts, or take part in events that help to build future leaders of courage, confidence and character.  If you have donated to Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan recently, thank you so much for your help, and if you haven't it's never too late!  You can contribute to camp, outreach, and many other beneficial causes by following this LINK.  


We also never say no to help from volunteers, who are a central part of the Girl Scout program.  Would you like to help teach a group of girls how to be leaders?  Do you have a skill or hobby you would like to share (from knitting to welding and everything in between)?  Are you interested in helping to train other adult volunteers in areas like outdoor skills or troop management?  If yes, then  we would love to have you as part of the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan family!  We encourage anyone who is interested to fill out the volunteer interest form.