An Inclusive, All Girl Experience

Girl Scout Camp is a safe place for girls to be themselves. It is a welcoming place to all girls so that it not all only promotes equality for girls but also equality among girls. It’s a girl-led environment where girls are able to help plan and implement their camp experience. This allows girls to learn leadership and negotiation skills as they work together. The all-girl experiences allow girls to explore their interests and activities without gender bias. It is a place for childhood fun and adventure, as well as tremendous growth.

Licensing and Accreditation

Safety is at the forefront of every outdoor program offering, and we take the responsibility very seriously. From the delivery of amazing adventures your girl will remember for a lifetime to the regular inspection and repair of our facilities, we understand and respect the responsibility we have in taking care of your girl.


All of our camps are licensed by the State of Michigan’s Department of Health, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and are inspected regularly to ensure that we are operating in a safe manner. 


In addition to this requirement, Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is proud to participate in the American Camping Association’s accreditation program, a voluntary process that ensures adherence to best practices in the camping and outdoor recreation field.  In fact, several of our staff are members of the American Camping Association, and volunteer as camp accreditation visitors themselves.  


While minor scrapes and bruises are unavoidable in an outdoor setting, our staff and volunteers carefully document each incident.  These records are reviewed regularly by our board members and staff to ensure that if necessary, changes can be made so that all preventable injuries are avoided before they occur.